Georgian. Set - caftan, belt, hat (391)

Table of size
KomplektatsiiCoat, belt, hat
Georgian national costume for boys is sewn according to the traditions of men's clothing in the Caucasus. This costume is perfect for national holidays, carnivals, as well as dance performances. Main elements of the national costume of Georgia: Circassia with simulated sewn-pockets for ammunition, a wide belt with a buckle, and of course the fur hat. You can also decorate the costume with additional accessories such as a plaster cast of a dagger. In such an outfit, young boy will feel himself like a real warrior rider.
Clothing sizeHeight cmYears
2686-921,5 - 2 years
2892-1042,5 - 3 years
30110-1164 - 6 years
32122-1286 - 8 years
34134-1409 - 11 years
36140-14610 - 12 years
44-46The standard size adult

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