Ninja. Set - jacket, trousers, hat-mask (346)

Table of size
KomplektatsiiJacket, trousers, mask
Carnival costume of Ninja for the brave, strong and courageous boy. The outfit is made in black colour, since Ninja skilfully hides in the dark. He is an excellent master of complex art of combat, and is endowed with so many skills. But his power was not given to him just like that, it is the result of long training.
Clothing sizeHeight cmYears
2686-921,5 - 2 years
2892-1042,5 - 3 years
30110-1164 - 6 years
32122-1286 - 8 years
34134-1409 - 11 years
36140-14610 - 12 years
44-46The standard size adult

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561 грн.



Костюмом довольны, но это маломерка, купили на 117 рост 166 (122 не было). Кофточка в длину короткая, поэтому будем низ на 20 см. дотачивать самостоятельно. Берите на размер больше. Яркий костюм, ребенку очень понравился!

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Ninja. Set - jacket, trousers, hat-mask (346)

Ninja. Set - jacket, trousers, hat-mask (346)


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