The first Ukrainian brand of carnival clothing

Pre-holiday worries always take a lot of time and effort. However, parents remember how things happened then: mothers invented insults, got unnecessary clothes, cut fabric, sewed it on sewing machines or by hand, decorated with rains, and came out bunnies, bears, snowflakes, chanterelles and wolves. The kids were fun and fun.

At first the holidays came out bright and unforgettable. But with each children's holiday, past images ceased to amaze, and long-awaited mornings turned into ordinary events. What if you could buy a new carnival costume at each event? However, sales at the time were not yet known, and if there were sellers of festive attire, the assortment they offered was not great. The idea of ​​developing a carnival industry in independent Ukraine was not new, but developed very slowly and uncertainly.

How did it all begin?

In 1999 Vitus-Partner LLC began to develop the production and sales of carnival costumes in Ukraine and the CIS countries. Employees of Vitus-Partner enterprise constantly generate ideas, develop new models, make children's clothes and sell.

Over the course of 15 years of doing business, the organization has designed and presented a huge number of unique children's carnival costumes. A large number of clothing models, increasing production capacity and ever-increasing demand for products have all pushed the company's executives to join forces with Purpurino and create a new brand. Thus, in 2014 carnival costumes were produced under TM Purpurino.

Throughout its activities, the company has improved not only product quality but also sales mechanisms. Today, carnival clothes, school uniforms and girls clothes can be ordered on the official website by going to product catalogs.

Also, along with a large range of children's costumes, under TM Purpurino, you can find carnival costumes for adults.

However, the development of the company has not ended. In 2015, the first series of girls' school uniforms was released under the Purpurino brand. It has become a truly revolutionary decision, and more people have now learned about the brand. Purpurino's school uniform is the exact fit of the declared sizes, the perfect fit on a figure, durability of seams and the responsible attitude to a choice of the corresponding materials.

Continuing the trend of increasing the range in 2018, TM Purpurino has released a collection of children's clothing for girls, which introduced new colors to the company.

Throughout its activities, the company has improved not only product quality but also sales mechanisms. Today, carnival clothes and school uniforms for children can be ordered on the official site by going to product catalogs or on the popular Internet sites of Ukraine.

Purpurino official dealers and trading partners:

Objectives of the enterprise for the near future

Purpurino plans to enter into partnerships with other manufacturers and suppliers. This will expand the range and surprise customers with new trends in the production and sale of textile products.

Already in 2018, buyers will be presented models of masquerade costumes for adults TM D&A under the challenge: "Tell YES to your fantasies." Bright, attractive and enticing costumes will not leave customers indifferent wishing to diversify their relationships.

In the coming years, the company plans to enter the European markets and occupy its niche among the leaders of the carnival industry. And that is all the prerequisites. The products of the Ukrainian brand Purpurino regularly participate and receive high awards at annual international exhibitions and fairs in Lithuania.

Participant diplomas and awards:

The main goal of the company is to support positive sentiment among the population of Ukraine, the CIS countries and Europe. It is achieved through the bright and positive emotions that buyers of TM Purpurino products receive. After all, even the most usual carnival images under this brand are attracted by their originality and quality.
Why are the products of TM Purpurino so attractive?
Main features of clothing:

 Clothes made by the best masters of Ukraine. The enterprise policy attracts and motivates the long-term work of experienced craftsmen and talented young people. Favorable pay conditions, friendly management and complete supplies of the necessary inventory help maintain a favorable microclimate in the enterprise.

Purpurino Masters regularly learn new things:

• exchange experience in manufacturing in the countries of the European Union;

• undergo advanced training courses in well-known schools in Europe;

• Attend workshops from industry gurus.

They pay special attention to the tailoring of each carnival costume.

Perfect quality.

Yes, this concept is relative, because the machine sewingassumed production defect. And even with a responsible quality assurance approach, mistakes are likely. But before heading to the packing shop, each outfit undergoes several stages of inspection and approval by the shop staff. And the criteria for such checks - meet the DSTU. Some of the mandatory procedures for product quality checks are:

• external inspection;

• verification of marking details;

• control of compliance with linear dimensions;

• testing of joints by stretching;

• analysis of the sample composition of the material for compliance with the sanitary and epidemiological requirements.

In the manufacture of clothing, mostly natural fabrics and materials of mixed types are used. After all, wool, cotton, linen or silk can not fully provide clothing with the necessary properties. Synthetic fibers found in tissues are required to ensure durability, resistance to sagging and tissue respiration. As artificial impurities used only proven and non-allergenic materials.

Huge choice.

Over the 15 years of existence of Vitus-Partner LLC and 4 years of Purpurino, more than a thousand different models of children's and adult carnival clothes, as well as school uniforms and clothes for girls have been developed and implemented. Therefore, fresh images and originality will be interesting to get acquainted with the current range in the catalogs of online store TM Purpurino.

To get acquainted with the variety of products of TM Purpurino and to find out the cost, we suggest you to follow the link in the sections of our product catalogs.