Possible to place an order through the Internet on the site purpurino.com.ua, or by phone. After oformlenyya order for your e-mail will be otpravleno writing, as well as, Adoption Order info poyavytsya on page "My zakazы." In techenye Several hours (but only in Rabocheye TIME) by indicating your phone number to the operator perezvonyt Order Confirmation. If not эtoho proyzoshlo, Provera Vasheho order status on page «My zakazы." If in cases for Order's laid the status of "smog Operator is not for you dozvonytsya" Please, auto-configuration for us in one office IZ telefonnыh co Numbers Pages "Contacts".

Order Confirmation After Vasheho operator will be online in techenye Several Sobrante days. Normal Term Sending 3-4 days, maksymalnыy - 10 days from datы Order Confirmation. This Time for neobhodimo utochnenyya availability of goods and Samoa posыlky collection.

Perhaps Oformlenye Order Only in tovarы technical razmerov, kotorыe predstavlenы on site. If in the process of collection orders kakyh something not okazыvaetsya goods, order will be otpravlen without otsutstvuyuschyh positions.

Term of delivery zavysyat Selected from you perevozchyka. Smotryte here.

You can perform prosledyt the progress of your zakazov in Section «My zakazы" - is your Personal Area. Avto get in the Data Section, visit Under your login and password poyavytsya's link at the top right of korzynoy uhlu.

If you have difficulties in oformlenyy voznykly orders, auto-configuration, one IZ Numbers on page "Contacts". You predostavyat Consultation in telephone mode.